HOMETOWN opened in 2008. Owner Marion Haslam combined two passions - her career as a retailer and her love of quiltmaking. After working for companies such as IKEA, John Lewis and Habitat, she swapped life as a global product developer for textiles to become a small town haberdasher. Throw into the mix many years of quiltmaking, plus a stint as a magazine editor and author and HOMETOWN was inevitable.

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Everyone who is part of the team is a keen quilter and fabric geek, so when you visit us, you’ll definitely feel at home, as we live and breathe fabric!

And why the name HOMETOWN? Well after seven years of working overseas in Sweden and the UAE, England was definitely calling. And to quote from the Irish novelist George A Moore, "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it". 

daily inspiration and the ramblings of a haberdasher

Marion says, "working in the shop every day means that I'm surrounded by a picture book of patterns and colours. So whilst I may not have much time to sew, the shelves are a constant source of inspiration."

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Marion Haslam next to Rochester Castle