At Hometown we firmly believe in offering you great quality fabrics at fair prices. This means that we have lovely printed cotton poplins from £6.95/m and the majority of our range is £9.95-14.95/m. Unlike some shops the team visits, we don’t have a ‘one price fits all’ approach. if the fabric costs us less, we charge you less.

This attitude to pricing is for 2 reasons. Firstly, we want everyone to be able to quilt and sew - it’s not an exclusive club, it’s for everyone, whether you’re 10 and spending precious pocket money, or a retired, avid quilter, spending the family inheritance! Secondly, one of the most valuable lessons Marion learnt whilst working for IKEA, is the fundamental belief that there should be something in the shop (whether in their case it’s a sofa or bookcase) or in Hometown’s world, fabric or a fat quarter, that you can afford, whatever the size of your purse.

We also believe in quality. So, we won’t buy cheap items if that means compromising on quality. The best example of this is rotary cutting equipment. We stock a fabulous range of rotary cutters made by Olfa (the Japanese grand daddies in the rotary cutting world) and Fiskars (these Finns know their cutting tools). When you buy a rotary cutter, it’s for life. We’re not exaggerating - Marion has Olfa rotary cutters, that were bought more than 20 years ago, still going strong. These Olfa and Fiskars tools are well engineered and a pleasure to use. Sure, you may be able to buy a cheaper cutter from a non-specialist for a fiver, but we can guarantee that you’ll soon upgrade to the real deal.

So you can be confident, that as fabric geeks, we know our onions (or the fabric equivalent) when we’re buying products for the shop.

HOw much do I need?

To help with planning your quilts, a cot size quilt will usually need about 1.5-2m for the top and 1.5m for the reverse; quilts of about 60x60in (150x150cm) need about 3-3.5m for the patchwork and 3.2m for the reverse. For a large quilt measuring, say 90x90in (230x230cm), it could be about 5-5.m.

This is a rough estimate based on block style patchwork. Obviously if you have sashing or borders, you’ll need to take this into account when calculating quantities. Check your pattern instructions first or remember to bring them with you. The more experienced you become, you can check printed pattern quantities before you buy your fabric, to check they haven’t rounded up the quantities.

As we cut fabrics from just 20cm (in 10cm increments) and wadding from only 50cm, we can always ensure that you can buy what you need. Of course, for most of us, that can also mean just adding on, say “another quarter metre for the stash!”


We love to see the quilts that you have made from classes at Hometown and the fabrics that you have bought from the store. Share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages (using the hashtags #hometownrochester and #hometownworkshop) From time to time we offer a small prize for our favourites. One winner of a Hometown gift voucher was Pascale who shared 2 quilts that she made, shown above in the centre. her comment on her red and black quilt is, "This is my 'Patchwork City' quilt and I love it. It's a keeper and the whole family snuggles under it!" You can see more of Pascale's work on Instagram

Hometown fat quarter 10-packs

FQ Heaven

Each week we put together selections of coordinating fat quarters from the 1800 fabrics we stock. Most packs contains 2.5m of fabric, ideal for the centre of a quilt.

And the good news is you save 10% on the price of buying them individually. (Occasionally, we get carried away and make up mega collections of 20 or more quarters, like the one Mavis is holding).

Shown below is a equally scrummy 10-pack.

Rochester City Market

market flower power, marion haslam

We want talented makers, bakers and collectors to take part in our monthly market.

Not strictly a Hometown project, although I helped launch this monthly event and I’m a keen supporter of it. The market is held on the High Street on the second Saturday of each month. Stalls are available for artisans, small scale food producers/makers and traders of vintage clothes and collectables. If you’re interested in taking a space, the cost is £30 per day, including a gazebo.

For an info pack containing all you need to know, please email . Once stall holders' applications are approved, you're free to book one, two or all the markets. Plus the market also wants you as a customer, supporting these small businesses. So shop small and local on the high street each month.

The market is an initiative of the Rochester City Centre Forum and any profits made are ploughed back into the town. In 2019, the money will pay for flower baskets (and their maintenance) along the high street. So thanks for your support in making Rochester even lovelier to visit.

Make me an offer!

We regularly have in-store promotions and as a small business the quickest way to communicate this news is via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Just click on the links at the bottom of the page, or like and follow our feed to hear details of the latest offers.