Do I have to count how many dots or how many metres?

Don't be surprised if when visiting the shop you hear us chanting 20, 40, 60 whilst looking intently at a bolt of fabric. We've not lost the plot (well, OK that's debatable in my case!), we're just preparing for our annual stocktake. And with 1700 fabrics in-store and a trillion other products it's a lot to list and count. We've been hard at it for weeks. D-day is on Sunday 2 October, when we do the final listing and if you're free for a few hours, why not join us?

If you can help out from 10-1, we'd love some extra hands. The only qualifications are the ability to look very important whilst writing on a clip board and multi tasking with a cup of tea and a Kit-Kat and a biro. In thanks we'll give you a £25 Hometown gift voucher. Give Marion a call on 01634 838880 or pop into the shop this week if you'd like to join the fun.