Oops... confession time. I've just bought another quilt. How on earth did that happen? Well, I've been sorting through my old quilts in preparation for a talk to a local quilt group in March. And I was doing some online research ... which led to a well known auction site ... where there was an old quilt up for grabs ... and the bids were finishing in 18 minutes. Need I say more! I'll report back when the box arrives from Scotland.

Meanwhile, trying to sort through my quilt collection and just pick some (I am thinking about the available space and suspension in my little car) is like trying to pick your favourite child - they are all nice and all have their merits; even if others don't appreciate them! I think I've narrowed it down to twenty - I don't want to bore the socks off the quilters present. In the meantime the picture here is of a small cutter piece I have, appropriately called the 'Wheel' pattern. This little beauty dates from the 1930s. It's such an unusual design - all hand pieced with tiny hand quilting. It's an intriguing pattern with 4 blocks arranged around an octagon. The solid apricot spokes are surrounded by wheels in a variety of floral feedsacks. And before you ask, cutter pieces never count as quilt purchases; since they're only little, usually a bit worse for wear and someone needed to give them a good home.